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Artist statement


Utilising sound and image to magnify and aestheticize socio-political subtexts of environments. 


Engaging with a multi-disciplinary practice that applies a varied range experimental compositional techniques and an investigative process to aurally express the social-political subtexts of environment, with an aim to create exploratory and original composition, documentary, installation and film; progressed and refined through critical reflection and experimentation.


Luigi Russolo, Matthew Herbert, Pierre Schaeffer and Musique Concrète form the dominant artistic influence of the works, who all maintain a shared ethos of utilising real-world sounds as a dominant element of the compositional palette; used for it’s timbre and tonality and not only restricted to evocation of it’s source, but used to articulate narrative, concept and political interpretation.


Let’s walk together through a great modern capital, with the ear more attentive than the eye.


- Russolo (1913, p.7)


My portfolio works maintain consistent core processes of phonography, experimental musical systems, coding, sound for film and audio mixing. These technical foundations have been facilitated by a conceptual and contextual awareness obtained by theoretical research and contextualisation; underpinning my practice.


Drawing upon theoretical influence to develop a heightened state of aural consciousness and sensibility, facilitates conceptual interpretations derived from the arcane and subtextual, serving as a catalyst for regionally specific sociopolitical and ethnographical research, which underpins the entire portfolio content.

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