Aboutface Live Presents - Los Bosquesinos (People of the Forests)

Live Performance at Freerotation 9th July 2018.

Broadcast on NTS radio 14-08-18


An inter-cultural collaboration with the indigenous Wampis
community in Peru: exploring the evocative aural terrain of the
Rainforest and the traditional songs of the Wampis.

Full project description at the bottom of the page, along with associative thesis: 'The Nature-Culture-Climate Continuum:Intercultural collaboration as an effective method to influence anthropogenic behavior in a time of global climate crisis.'

In collaboration with charity Size of Wales


Raising money for clean water for the community, and to aid cultural identity retention through song, craft and art.

Upcoming LP in 2021

A reflective article of the trip and my experiences is here

Quena Flute, Guitar, tuned percussion, field recording, photography and synths by Aboutface

Violin by feat Taro

Featuring sacred Nampet songs by Elizabeth Huampankit Najamtai:

Wancha (Fish)

Kutuir (Bird)

Pinchichi (Monkey)

And songs by Fernando Ijisam Tsakim and Edilberto Ijisam Tello:

Manchi (Insect)

Afaninga (Snake/Serpent)

Additional percussion and music by Guayabita:

Fernando Ijisam Tsakim, Edilberto Ijisam Tello, Larry Tello Huampankit, Jose Luis Cahuata Pipa, Tedy Tello Cahuata, Heyner Tello Cahuata, Eli Artista Antonio, Never Tello Huampankit

Field recordings captured in the Amazonas rain-forest, Wampis territory, Peru.

Fundraising multi-sensory exhibitions to be announced.

Collaborators and support:
Carlos ‘Canti’ Saldana – Peruvian musician from Lokandes -

Shapiom Noningo Sesen of the indigenous Wampis Nation, Peru.


Dr Barley Norton - Goldsmiths University

Dr Fiorella Montero Diaz - Keele University

Forest Peoples Program

The London College of Communication (UAL) 


Freerotation electronic audio/visual music festival

NTS Radio

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Donations via Bitcoin

btc address: 3JY44a9FRvxMs9SfGss8rsD8iD2eRdwGth

Many thanks to: Dannii Guest, London college of Communication International team

and LCC Photography/Lens based Technology.

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