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Aboutface Live Presents- Parvata: An improvised performance inspired by the ancient myth of the Hindu deity Parvati - daughter of the mountains. (2017) Featuring Joshua Churchill on Saxophone

Created for Intrinsic -

Premiere 20/03/2017 9pm on NTS radio, NTS channel 1  

A series of intertwined improvisations to sonically interpret the story of Parvati; love, loss, death, re-birth and reunion though perseverance. (The full story which is based on several interpretations is in the slide show at the bottom of the page)

Influenced by Indian performance of Kathakali – a dramatized ancient dance performed with the flexibility to allow performers to improvise in order to articulate mood and emotion of a story.

Field recordings and experimental 35mm photography captured from 'Cat Bells' peak in the Lake District. 

Photography was hung in the performance space to influence the improvisations, an Indian raga scale was explored to colour the musicality.


Synths, acoustic guitar, recordings, percussion, photography and concept - Ben Kelly (as Aboutface).

Saxophone- Joshua Churchill.

I lost a World — the other day by Emily Dickinson: Recited by Jenna Whelan and Conor O'Sullivan.

Instruments: Korg Polysix, Minibrute, Korg Ms2000, Moog Mother 32, Korg PolySix, Prophet 6, EHX 4 track looper, Hapi Drum, Acoustic Guitar, Sax, wooden and steel bowls with stones amplified by contact mic's, acoustic percussion.


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