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Ocean of Ink final artwork 1 scan 300DPI

Aboutface presents: An ocean of ink in a single drop.


A new bi-monthly residency on Netil Radio

An audience participatory show with a focus on providing a platform for the quiet or underrepresented voice, and seeks to blur the line between the artist and audience. Each show's music will come from a call out for works based on a theme or brief, or by listening to the music from Aboutface's soundcloud followers, thus placing a mirror on the audience. Submissions can be music, written words/poetry or even sonic material such as a field recording.


The submissions can be specifically made for the brief or be preexisting work, but it must relate to the concept in order to be considered.


Works can be previously released on a small label, self-released or unsigned, but preference will be towards new works, by new or developing artists from underrepresented groups. In addition to this Aboutface will be inviting submissions from talented artists who operate more under-the-radar, often due to having a quiet online presence. 

Submissions will be sewn together with Aboutface’s electro-acoustic improvisations live in the Netil Studio for each show, creating a unique collaborative performance blurring the line between the broadcaster and the listener.


Written submissions selected will be recorded by a voice over artist and also played during the show. Each show's theme or concept, is communicated in advance.

Information of all contributing artists will be shared on social media.



Episode #5 28/05/2021


Theme/concept for music, writing or sonic material:

'The Journey to Intropica – a 5th dimensional utopia’'

Submission Deadline:


To submit, please take the time to fill out the information below. Once completed, please upload your submission below.

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