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Aboutface live presents - Sots'lab

Feat. Sanjai Sankar on Tabla.

Performed live at Freerotation festival, Baskerville Hall, Wales 09/07/2017.

Recital of Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Will to power' by Jenna Whelan

Additional violin by Taro

Premiere on NTS radio (NTS2) 1pm 25-7-17.



Joe Nunez-Mino

Bat Conservation trust

Ian Nixon - Wildlife ecologist


Michael Smythe - The Nomad Project/Phytology

Mira Varg - Art direction/set design

Mark Geary - production

John Lynch

Recital of Friedrich Nietzsche's 'Will to power' by Jenna Whelan


‘All temporal things, whether material or mental, are compounded objects in a continuous change of condition, subject to decline and destruction’ -  Yury Lobo (2016)


A live improvised conceptual performance that explores the intersection between a human cohabiting bat colony in the Collegiate Church of Holy Trinity Tattershall,  and the ancient mayan culture of the Zinacantecs - the mayan agricultural community who in their native tongue refer to their land as - Sot’s’lab (Land of Bats).


I intend to explore the concept through triggered ultrasonic bat recordings from the Collegiate Church to affect the rhythm and timbre of live synthesis and instrumentation, alongside using the culture and history of the Zinacantecs - a bat worshiping mayan community of the Chiapas region of Mexico.

The research and experimentation will be used to articulate a conceptual sonic narrative of the impermanent nature of existence; the cycles of birth, prominence, decay and rebirth of all things. Exploring the ebbs and flow of religious identity, cultural tradition, the universal ecology of all living things, urbanisation and the perception of the role of the the subconscious, all locked in fleeting circles of rise and decay, phasing in and out of alignment.


Considering a connection between sociopolitical and environmental change through interspecies solidarity and utilisation of the subconscious mind.


Live Tabla percussion, alongside hemiola polyrhythms (uneven time signatures overlapping) of synthesised and real word sounds to articulate a conceptual interpretation of change in our society and environment.


Additional research and context below.

Thanks to:

The Collegiate Church of Holy Trinity Tattershall

Spaceships campervan hire

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