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Aboutface & The Speaking Eyes Collective 

No tears, only our eyes speak (2023)


Release date: 08th March 2024

Release format: Digital & 15 Limited edition USB devices made from pieces of sunken boat wood. All proceeds to fund one-to-one additional therapies for the women involved.

Collaborative project with 7 female survivors of modern slavery and trafficking, who are currently under the protection and care of Migrant Help UK. Commissioned by Weareallbats.

You can support this project by purchasing the music release here.


The music and artworks are based around a poem created by the participants using soundscape recording, and deep listening and reflection exercises, with words and songs in Pidgin, Yoruba, Urdu, Albanian, Spanish & Hindi Tongues. Field recordings captured by the participants.


Names and faces of participants have been obscured for safety reasons.


To be aired on Dover Community Radio, and Refuge Worldwide (Berlin) (TBA)

Below is a document outlining the workshop process


Poem, field recordings, songs, spoken word and percussion by The Speaking Eyes Collective.


Acoustic guitar, flute, steel tongue drum, clarinet and electronics by Aboutface.


Violin by Taro


Additional voice-over by darker




We feel as if we have entered another world, a world where nature isn't usually heard, but we hear her voice now.


Hello from the other side.  


We're looking for safety, the ultimate search,

A means of survival.


Life is beautiful.

Beginning until the end, searching for a light.

Walking home from the pain of yesterday,

Trying to express our feelings.


No tears, only our eyes speak

– The Speaking Eyes Collective

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