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Aboutface live Feat. Taro presents - The water that glows like dancing glass cuts crimson.(2019)

Project contributors:

Alfred Wegener Institute – a centre for polar and marine research. (Polar expedition sound recordings)  


The University of the Arts London- London College of Communication

Smile Plastics

Taro (Violin)

Leyla Pillai (Dream Prose Narration)

Freerotation Festival

Deepgrooves Eco-Vinyl

Dubplates and Mastering

Inspired by dream prose collected from a 3 month period recording in a dream journal, the project uses glacier sounds recorded on Polar expedition c/o the Alfred Wegener Institute – a centre for polar and marine research,  to create an interdisciplinary music performance and portfolio of works.

Exploring an abstract intersection between the dream realm and the Polar cryosphere in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Evoking the inter connectivity between environmental change and the collective subconscious.

Project output

Live performance/exhibition at Freerotation festival, Hay-on-Wye, UK. (5th, 6th and 7th Jul 2019), Broadcast on NTS radio shortly after. Streaming on-rotation on 9128 radio.

Liquid Acrylic Painting with recycled plastic art made from used cosmetic bottles.

Degenerated VHS AV piece

Experimental 35mm Photography.

Upcoming in 2022


Limited 300 Eco Vinyl Gatefold LP. Eco-renewable energy recycled vinyl, carbon neutral delivery by Deepgrooves, NL.

£1 for each record and digital album sale goes to XR Legal Fund. Time limited to a 12 month Digital Release, then data removed from servers. Current research suggests that digital music has a higher ecological carbon footprint than physical releases, when looked at over a 10 year + period, due to heavy server energy based in the US, where the energy source is predominantly fossil fuel based.


300 x Eco friendly Vinyl pressed with 100% renewable energy. ℅ Deepgrooves:


  • Use Granulate (the grains which we melt to make a vinyl record of) are based upon calcium zinc stabilizers instead of the classic heavy metal stabilizers, which are highly toxic.


  • Use machines are powered by green energy, green gas and solar energy - all supplied by local suppliers.

  • Their factory is almost 100% circular in terms of waste, recycling and energy.


  • Use environmentally friendly FSC-certified Tullis Russell labels, 90 GSM inner sleeves and thick 300 GSM cardboard covers.


  • The ink used on their products and packing is Eco- Friendly & vegan.


  • As a standard, all orders are shipped in Eco- Friendly heavy duty FSC-certified cardboard boxes and biodegradable paper adhesive tape.


  • The larger shipments are sent on a wooden pallet that is 100% recyclable with biodegradable wrapping/shrink made of 50% sugar cane.


  • We are recycling our useless cardboard and use this for packaging and transporting purposes.


  • As a standard, we ship our packages 100% carbon neutral worldwide.


  • We team up with companies who use empty spaces on trucks for sharing logistics.


  • Our website and project management software are located on servers that run on green energy.


Limited to one of Earth’s  revolution of the sun for Download.

Limited to one of Earth’s  revolution of the sun for streaming.

Ephemeral existence.

A1. Aboutface ft. Taro - Small Hands And Feet In The Sand Show You The Great Illusion

A2. Aboutface ft. Taro - Coutata Couyata Save Couyata

A3. Aboutface - We flee whilst the wild smoking horses
swim among us.

A4. Track 4: Aboutface ft. Taro - The water that glows like dancing glass cuts crimson.

Dream prose channelled by Aboutface, narrated byLeyla Pillai. Violin by Taro. acoustic guitar, electronics,
quena bamboo flute and soundscape composition by Aboutface.


Polar expedition sound recordings kindly provided by the Alfred Wegener Institute – a centre for polar and marine research. £1 of all physical and digital album sales are donated to
the XR UK Legal Defence Fund.

Additional project info



The project was conceptualised following a three month period of recording the content of my dreams in a dream journal (included below).

I developed techniques to be able to recall dream content in more detail- sketching elements, or obtaining objects within my dreams. Also using meditation techniques in order to prolong the hypnopompic state – the theta wave brain state transitioning between the dreams and being awake. During this period it is much easier to recall dream content in more detail.

During the two months a reoccurring theme presented itself – flooding; a railway line that led into the sea; a room filled with seawater; a city centre flooded.

One prominent dream was monolithic ice structure, with an embossed foreign language much like braille.


Following a period of reflection and Interpretation of my dreams, I decided

To pursue a project based on Glaciology and Sea Levels rising, subsequently being granted access to AWI’s expedition sounds and polar research data.

Dream Prose

An interesting development of the increased interaction with my dream content was the ability to see passages of text, or Dream Prose. Sections of these have become the song titles, in advance of the music being made and thus influencing the songs through musical interpretation. The Dream prose consists of section literally seen in my dreams, and my interpretation of my dreams.