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Aboutface ft. Akari Yasuda-Akiki presents

The wind went crazy between the rocks because to its ears the soft song of the trees came no longer.


Live at Freerotation Festival, UK. 2022.


Aboutface: Shakuhachi, Quena, Guitar, Electronics.

The sounds from Devon, Valdivian and Yakushima Temperate Rainforests.

Akari Yasuda-Akiki: Live  Shodō and ancient symbol painting with movement sensors.

Yakushima Field Recordings by Andy Gillham.

Celtic song by darker

Title taken from ‘Meulen’ (2010) written by Mapuche poet, Leonel Lienlaf. Translated by Stuart Cooke.

‘Meulen’ Translated and recited in Japanese by Fumika Geary, and recited by darker.


Project overview:

An exploration of global interconnectivity between endangered temperate rainforests, where the conditions required to form occur over less than 1% of the planet, and their ancient multinaturalist cultures, who act as guardians engaged in the timeless fight to maintain the balance between the natural and spiritual realms. These forests, also known as Celtic rainforests, are geographically separated by vast distances, yet each respective culture is strongly connected to one and other, through their ancient wisdom and knowledge of the esoteric, arcane and ritualistic practices that use nature, and in particular, Trees, as a method to journey between the natural, human, and spiritual planes. 

Éist le cogar ár fuaim duilleoga, go luath titfidh siad, agus osclaíonn siad an duir do gach aisling

Triskelion: 3 x performances to represent 3 planes of existence (Physical, Spiritual, Underworld)


  1. Yakushima Rainforest, Japan. Yakusugi (cedar tree). Jōmon culture and the Kodama spirit that resides in Jōmon Sugi. 20 mins

  2. Devon Rainforest, United Kingdom. Duir tree (Oak tree). Dumnonii Celtic culture and the voices from the Oak leaves.  20 mins

  3. Valdivian Rainforest, Chile/Argentina. Foye (Winter's Bark tree). Mapuche culture: the Machis and the Kultrun drum as the heartbeat of the Earth. 20 mins


live interactive symbol/Shodō painting by Akari Yasuda-Akiki

Painted on A1 Rag Paper surrounded by movement sensors

Full project research and methodology is below.

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