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Underneath the spreading acorn tree. (2014)



Exploring Springfield Park’s arcane environmental characteristics to interpret the area’s internal-landscape and socio-political milieu.


Algorithmically composed hidden melodies of sonified weather data that use only the symbolic sound of an acorn falling to the ground; invites the environment to articulate spectrotemporal elements of the composition.


Five choreographed VHS loops of the park conceptually degenerated to remove our perceptive filters, which have been subjected to collusive manipulation; affect independent acorn sounds to create a dystopic orchestra.


Challenging a superficial interpretation of utopic surroundings subjected to public service cuts, increased cost of living and disenfranchised youths. 


Installed and exhibited at Hotel Elephant, London 03/06/14 - 07/06/14


Full research and experimentation diary in the slideshow.




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