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Venison - (2014)


Ben Kelly & Mark Geary


Installed main course of Food and Sound project.


A sonic depiction of the the produce Venison from stalk to hunt to butchering. Extracted from sonic-culinary performance.


Full programe note from main project:


Exploring Food and Sound:

Re-connecting the produce, producers and areas of cultivation with the eating experience through the medium of sound.



Expanding on our work in 2012/13, when in addition to each food course of a three-course meal we served acousmatic compositions; using field recordings of the produce’s environmental habitat. Reuniting the inherent sounds of the produce’s geographical areas with the food to create a multi-disciplinary-sensory experiment.


Following on from this, we explored 3 key regional ingredients: Oyster, Venison and Apple, examining the areas of cultivation in depth as the conceptual nucleus of the piece, highlighting sustainability, commercial ethics and the social and economical value of championing regional traditional production.


Our aim is to re-connect the ingredient to the culinary experience sonically through phonography, interviews and acousmatic composition, to articulate each areas environmental aesthetic and sociopolitical subtext, culminating to a sonic-culinary three course dinner performance, multi-channel installation and stereo documentary, all of which depict a sonic narrative from the produce’s provenance, political environment and journey from the field to the plate, to challenge an apparent national level of disassociation with produce and the eating experience.


Installed at Fairly Consistent, Nursery Gallery, LCC. 13/03/14


The 25 min Radio documentary premiered on Resonance FM. 


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