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Grow A Garment

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I'm Currently working in all areas of sound for image; sound design, location sound recording, music composition, voice-over record, dialogue editing, foley and mixing. At present my work predominantly derives from the non-commercial market such as University and Chairity short animations, graduation projects and funding proposals. I specialise in overseeing all sound for animation shorts and analogue film, adopting a more creative side of sound design and composition; having an A+ 1st class degree in Sound art and Design from L.C.C facilitates my ability to approach briefs with originality and creative productivity.


With access to a professional sound-proofed foley/voice over room and sound studio, clients are always pleased to deal with one individual for all their sound needs. Compositionally, I'm comfortable with acoustic music as well as electronic. As a releasing recording artist I enjoy the diversity in all sound which is reflected in my existing discography and upcoming music releases; acoustic guitar, piano and percussion alongside synthesis techniques are evident in all of areas of my portfolio. As a keen field recordist, I only ever use my own environmental field recordings for atmos and foley; I have travelled across the world capturing original sounds to use to bring originality and authenticity to moving image. 

Previous clients include The London College of Fashion, The London College of Communication, The Hackney Film Festival/BFI and other private institutions.


My current rate is £200 per 9 hour day that can include sound design, original music, atmosphere, voice-over record in sound proofed booth, sound edit and final sound mix. Discounts available for student grad projects. Due to my proficiency in all areas of sound for image, clients can save time and costs, delivering finished works with precision and originality. Contact me at for a consultation. References can be provided upon request.

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